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  • Trinell King Poster Bed
Trinell King Poster Bed
Item # - B446-61+66+68+99

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Giddy up your style. If you’re a cowboy or cowgirl at heart, the Trinell king poster bed with storage matches your authentic sense of taste. Rustic finish, plank details and nailhead trim are an homage to reclaimed barn wood, making for a sophisticated look loaded with countrified charm. Mattress and foundation/box spring available, sold separately.
  • King Poster Rails Width: 200.10 cm
  • King Poster Rails Depth: 213.41 cm
  • King Poster Rails Height: 45.90 cm
  • Queen/King Poster HDBD Posts Width: 20.40 cm
  • Queen/King Poster HDBD Posts Depth: 20.40 cm
  • Queen/King Poster HDBD Posts Height: 164.01 cm
  • King Poster Footboard Width: 219.30 cm
  • King Poster Footboard Depth: 20.40 cm
  • King Poster Footboard Height: 87.50 cm
  • King Poster Headboard Panel Width: 202.90 cm
  • King Poster Headboard Panel Depth: 3.99 cm
  • King Poster Headboard Panel Height: 77.70 cm